LiteningFast™ Estimating Version 8

You will find many new features in LiteningFast™ Estimating Version 8, the estimating portion of The Contractor’s Profit System™. The new features give you more flexibility in the way you price your estimates, reduce the possibility of errors, and improve the professional appearance of your estimates.

By the way, if you are not familiar with The Contractor’s Profit System and LiteningFast Estimating you will find more information here.

You’ll find an introductory video here

Here’s the changes you’ll find in the software:

  • You can now add an Allowances section to your Section List. There’s a checkbox that identifies the section as an Allowance section.
    When you use items the Allowance section in your estimate no Overhead & Profit will be calculated on those items. This makes it easy for you to provide your clients with allowance for materials, etc.
  • As an option, you can calculate the Overhead & Profit percentages in each line item of the estimate rather than the estimate as a whole
    You’ll find, if you select this option, that each line automatically contains the overhead and profit identified for the estimate. After the line is entered, you can modify the percentages for that line.
  • You’re going to find that there’s a new color in the color palette. I’ve set it to orange, and you can set it to any color you wish.
    When you copy an estimate all of the detail lines are set to the new color to indicate that they haven’t been updated. After you select, update if necessary, and save the line the color will return to the original color (yellow if you haven’t changed the palette).
  • Speaking of copying estimates, an new checkbox we’ve added to the copy function allows you to copy the header  information as well as the estimate detail
    This means that if you are preparing several versions of an estimate for a client you save time by not having to retype the contact information over and over
  • In Estimate Detail screen you’ll see a new combo box in the description portion of your database. This allows you to use a search of the database rather than opening sections and scrolling through the section
    What this means to you is if you want to find something and don’t remember where it is, you can use the search function to find it in the database. When you click on the item it will automatically open the section list and the item in the list as well as open the input form
  • A feature that will help you look more professional is the new spell checking function. You’ll find a button next to each of the Note fields in the program. The spell function uses MS Word’s spell function, so you know it’s going to do a great job of catching any spelling errors

You can purchase the software here.

BTW: This discount expires on July 2, 2013 at midnight Pacific Time.

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