Residential Construction Estimating Software

Residential construction estimating presents its own set of challenges for any reputable builder. Due to the many variables that come into play with residential building projects there are a myriad of costs that have to be evaluated very carefully prior to beginning a home building project.

A comprehensive residential construction estimating software package should be designed to deal exclusively with the direct and indirect costs associated with building or renovating a residential property.

From estimating property costs to time, materials and labor, residential construction software can simplify repetitive tasks while providing up to the minute information on all aspects of the proposed job.

A quality residential construction estimating software module is essential for simplifying the preparation and monitoring of outgoing bids and all the other tasks relative to home construction. The more comprehensive programs will highlight at least a few of the following functions:

• Preparation of Documents like reports, up to date schedules, acceptance letters, legal contracts and printable order change forms.

• Processing of purchase orders that simplifies the monitoring and tracking of all purchase orders while coordinating it to anticipated inventory.

• Archiving previous projects and constructing detailed databases that can provide lists of previously completed jobs so prior projects can be referenced prior to finalizing estimates on new bids should be standard for any residential construction software package.

• Coordinating estimating costs with an industry standard accounting package that provides up to the minute general accounting information such as billing and payroll costs.

• Providing the flexibility to make on the fly changes to any aspect of the project with correlated adjustments to unit costs.

Comprehensive residential estimating software should be designed to offer builders a package that encompasses all the features necessary for reducing the time spent on bidding, tracking and comparing project costs and bids while providing simply and easy to use accounting and general office management modules.

Eliminating repetitive tasks while incorporating standardized formulas and calculations relative to common building projects is also an essential component to any reputable residential construction software package.

Busy contractors have little time to spare in order to learn complicated software dedicated to estimating residential construction costs, so a well designed estimating software program should be designed with logical and easy to understand steps that quickly and easily provide the information required to enter and excel in the competitive bidding market.

One step installation and ready access to tech support and/or adequate training should be standard on all residential estimating software packages.

Builders who want to achieve a cutting edge over their competitors should look for an estimating software package that is capable of easily handling all aspects of their industry, one that provides pricing accuracy and, most importantly be designed to work in optimum speed with minimal effort.

The residential estimating software programs that can meet all this criteria will be the one module of the building business that will save you time and consequently money – all of which will contribute to a healthier bottom line.

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