Mechanical Estimating Software – Smoothing a Rocky Road

Due to the ever increasing technological developments and continuously changing market requirements of major development projects, mechanical estimating can sometimes be overwhelming in its scope. Due to the specialized knowledge base required to adequately asses the true costs of any mechanical estimation, more and more contractors are relying on specially designed software in order to perfect their bids.

Every mechanical estimation proposal must be undertaken in conjunction with a detailed assessment of the contractors’ interaction with the actual requirements of the project, an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of management techniques as well as an understanding of the accounting processes relative to the job.

Prior to the acquisition of a mechanical estimating software program, the contractor should ensure that he has completed a complete evaluation of all areas of the estimating process. This means there must be coordination between the contractor and all other interested parties with a complete understanding of each party’s role in their responsibility for each particular duty relative to the job.

It can often be a daunting task for a mechanical estimator to accurately predict the specific labor, material, legislative and other direct costs associated with a major project. Trying to determine exactly the what and where of strengths and weaknesses that may affect a project, while identifying areas of interaction on scheduling, submittal processes, fabrication and supply of materials, purchasing modules, payroll considerations and other accounting procedures is hardly a task that is performed easily with a yellow legal pad and a pencil.

A well designed mechanical estimating software program can perform many analyses that encompass the entire bidding process while offering tangible solutions to many of the problems that can increase the contractors’ return on investment (ROI).

With its cutting edge data manipulation that reduces many of the mundane, tedious, yet absolutely necessary tasks relative to any job costing, mechanical estimating software systems can provide pertinent information that is essential to any realistic estimation.

Mechanical estimating software provides modules that compute labor and labor/hour tracking and breakdowns. In addition, the ability to have ready access to historical data containing detailed feedback is an added bonus when compiling and evaluating various data.

By providing a consistent, industry standard operating scale for all relative costs, the contractor is able to readily access pertinent feedback information that can be quickly communicated to all interested parties.

Cost analysis and breakdowns that can be quickly linked to accounting information provide clear and easy to read reports that can be assimilated for various on-site, email and teleconferencing collaborations. This is one of the advantages of computer generated mechanical estimating that not only allows the contractor to have full and complete control of any project estimation, but also projects a knowledgeable and professional image at every level of the bidding process.

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