Increase Your Profitability with Construction Estimation Programs

For many contractors, the part of a job most likely to result in costly errors actually happens before the work actually starts – during the estimation phase of a construction project. All too often, contractors create a hastily written, hand done estimate that fails to adequately measure the size of a project. Any contractor who’s been in this business long enough has probably bid a job wrong at some point. This is where construction estimation programs can help.

Why Do You Need Construction Estimation Software?

So why should you use construction estimation programs? For starters, you should use them because other contractors out there are using them too. Now, this is not an “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” kind of a scenario. It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses. What it is about is being competitive in today’s tight contracting market. If your competitors use construction estimation programs and you do not, they have a couple of marked advantages over you.


For one, construction estimation programs make it far more likely that a job will be estimated accurately, avoiding costly errors that cut into your bottom line. If you expect your business to stay competitive and profitable in a tight market, you need to make sure to maximize every penny by squeezing as much profitability out of each job as possible. Construction estimation programs will help you do this.


For another thing, if your competitors provide what customers see as a polished, professional estimate, your competitor is more likely to get the job. Even though your work might be second-to-none, a handwritten estimate on the back of an envelope is just not going to provide the kind of professional image that inspires confidence in most customers.

Excellent Cost to Value

Now, you might be thinking that during a time of tight competition for contracting jobs, now would be the time when you least want to spend money on an “optional” product. But, when you consider that construction estimation programs are a power tool in their own right that can increase the profitability and professionalism of your business, it’s actually a wise move to spend your money on quality construction estimation software. This will allow you a competitive edge in today’s market.

How to Choose the Right Program

Which construction estimation program should you choose? There are several things you should consider when making your purchase:

• How big is your company? If you are a small business owner, you’ll be disappointed if you spend your money on an expensive program with all the bells and whistles. You just don’t need all the doodads and gizmos that some of these expensive construction estimation programs offer. You’re better off spending a modest amount on a program that will make the most of your business.

• How computer savvy are you? If you aren’t a wizard at using computer programs, fancy construction estimation programs will just frustrate you. You need a program that’s designed to be user friendly so the average contractor can easily and quickly learn to use it to its maximum potential.

• Does the program provide what you need? And more importantly, does it provide it in an easy to understand format? You’ll want a program that breaks down per-project cost, inventory, labor, and profit. A good program will give you a thorough view of your business almost instantly.

The Bottom Line

It all boils down to the bottom line. Good construction estimation software will pay for itself by increasing your profit and giving you a professional advantage in a competitive market.

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