Construction Estimating Software – A Power Tool for Your Estimating

Construction estimating software is a power tool that all contractors should be using that want to make money consistently. Like any power tool, construction estimating software can work for you or against you. An estimating program will definitely save you time and it will be more accurate than hand written estimate.

Power Tools Can Cut Your Hand Off If You’re Not Careful

Just like a circular saw can cut your fingers or hand off, doing estimates with an construction estimating program that not maintained and doesn’t have correct pricing can send your business to the poor house.

What do I mean by maintained? Accurate construction estimating depends on feedback. Feedback is what adjusts your estimating as you go along. When you drive your car you’re using feedback all the time. You’re constantly adjusting the steering wheel. If you didn’t, you’d go off the road at some point. You see where you’re going and make an adjustment to move back to the correct path.

Feedback is just as important to the estimating process as it is to driving your car. You have to measure the results of your estimate against the expected results… your budget. When you find something that isn’t on the right path you make an adjustment so you’re not making the same mistakes over and over.

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