Construction Estimating Program

What are the Advantages of Using a Construction Estimating Program? A computer program that assists builders in compiling cost effective estimates should include variable such as costs relative to labor, materials and time while providing a module that quantifies exactly what materials may be necessary to complete a particular job.

With a comprehensive construction estimating program, various parameters such as building dimensions, allocation of funding, material determination and other influencing factors of project estimations can be input by the user which then automates the estimating project. The resulting professional reports outline the total cost of the project with breakdowns in per unit cost making it a relatively simple matter to input any last minute changes or adjustments with the simple click of a mouse. By providing an actual and true cost for any project, the bidder is left with a confidence that the bid provided will adequately reflect how much it will cost to complete a project while providing input for profit/loss figures.

The more advanced construction estimating software applications have on-board digitizers which incorporate industry standard sensors that can decipher electronic blueprints. This allows for easy scanning of architectural plans. Besides reducing the time required to generate estimates based on architectural drawings, which in itself is a major plus, this function allows a bidder to access a report based on the exact materials required for any given job as well as how much product is required for completion. The construction industry relies heavily on investments in specialized tools and competent labor in order to be successful in any project.

Because of the many other distinct variables that must be taken into consideration when bidding on a job, the savvy contractor will want to make full use of construction estimating software that includes every aspect of cost related input. Using a comprehensive construction estimating software program to aid in placing bids is a benefit for any contractor, regardless of the size of their business.

With today’s ever changing, competitive market the contractor who takes advantage of having the added edge of a computer assisted estimating program will be able to provide professional, exact cost evaluations for any job. In addition, most construction estimating software programs are easily integrated into the more popular small business record keeping programs. This allows the builder to interface estimates with ordering, invoicing and payroll – thus simplifying otherwise menial, but wholly necessary tasks. The time saved can be used to generate more business, which in the end results in a win-win situation in a volatile market.

Time management is always a consideration in any business but in the construction industry with the high costs associated with any building project, saving time is always translated into saving money. By using construction estimating software to cost and track expenses prior to finalizing a contract the bidder has the distinct advantage of being able to see instantly if the project is going to generate profits for the Company.

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