Construction Costs Estimating

Construction costs estimating is the bread and butter of any profitable construction contracting business. Keeping your estimates, and your job costs, organized allows you to focus your attention and energy on getting the job done, instead of wasting time on administrative functions. Yes, good administration is a key piece of a contracting business. This can represent not only time, but frustration if you don’t have a good system in place for keeping all of the respective balls in the air at once. This is why a good construction costs estimating software program is essential for the small to medium sized contractor.

Keep Money in Your Pocket

Keeping good tabs on budget and financial information for each job with a useful construction costs estimating program will ensure that money is in your pocket, and not left behind at a job site. Too many contractors make the mistake of keeping loose tabs, or no tabs, on labor and material costs, only to find that money was lost on a job due to inaccurate estimating.

Avoid Frustration

Sometimes contractors balk at the idea of using software for construction costs estimating. After all, contractors are in the business of building or remodeling homes, not accounting. But, this shouldn’t deter you from making the best of your business and improving your bottom line. Contrary to what you might think, it isn’t necessary to spend an arm and a leg on fancy programs that include everything except the kitchen sink. For small businesses, there are really a limited number of functions necessary for keeping jobs and costs in order.

Useful Functions of Estimating Software

The best construction costs estimating software for residential contractors serves a variety of useful functions. First, it will provide accurate cost requirements based on project square footage and a variety of other variables. Second, it will record prior job parameters for easy future reference, and the ability to understand your business at a glance. Third, it will integrate with your QuickBooks software so that you can maximize the usefulness of both your estimating software and your accounting software.

Standardize Job Estimates

The key to a good estimation software program is the ability to standardize estimates. You’ll have finished projects at your fingertips for comparison that will walk you through the entire process from laying a foundation all the way through drywall and exterior paint. A good program will walk you through this entire process with easy to use functions at every step of the way.

Cost and Ease of Use

The right construction costs estimating program for a small or mid-sized business is one that is affordable, simple to use with step by step instructions, and provides all the right tools for staying organized and on track. This kind of program will allow you to devote your time to doing the job right, without worrying about material shortages and other headaches that come from bad estimating. This will make a contracting business run more smoothly, and will ensure that valuable time and money isn’t left on the table when estimating residential building costs.

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