Construction Estimating Software

What is Construction Estimating Software and Why is it Important to my Business?

Every construction project, whether residential or light commercial, is reliant upon planning, accuracy and attention to detail. A realistic estimate of what any job is going to cost prior to undertaking it is an essential component of the building trades. Although comprehensive estimating can often be a frustrating, time consuming aspect of business, no job can begin until a realistic cost assessment is complete.

Construction estimating software can make this sometimes grueling job a relatively painless process by not only aiding in securing an added edge when bidding on a contract, but also by providing a clear evaluation of the costs associated with peripheral associations such as those incurred when working with various subcontractors.

In addition to facilitating the preparation and monitoring of bids for potential contracts, construction estimating software also provides a contractor with tools that simplify report creation, scheduling, preparation of letters and contracts and adjustments to orders or cost evaluations.

A comprehensive construction estimating software package will also have modules built in that track orders and inventory, thus providing at-the-fingertips access to all purchasing information. In addition to archiving previous projects, construction estimating software provides a detailed data base of previous jobs so cost comparison is a quick and easy process at any stage of bidding procedures.

While providing easy access to archived files is an important asset to any bidding project, the flexibility of being able to instantly make changes to projects, either in whole or in part, while adjusting unit costs is an invaluable tool for effective bidding.

Construction estimating software that can also be readily incorporated into one of the many popular accounting software packages allows the contractor the option of having a hands-on approach to basic accounting procedures like accounts receivable and payables as well as payroll functions.

Construction estimating software is important to any contractor because, first it makes the job easier and second, it offers a comprehensive method of tracking and controlling costs and management functions for each and every job. While these are important features of any estimating program, it is also essential that the contractor be able to correlate and maintain general administrative duties in conjunction with bidding information.

Being able to compare and evaluate subcontractor costs, vendor quotes and other miscellany relative to pricing is essential when trying to track various jobs according to different divisions and sub-divisions. A construction estimating software program that is adaptable to importing national cost indexes and customizable industry specific formulas and calculations can possibly be the difference between signing a lucrative contract or losing it because your bidding procedures are not up to par.

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