Construction Estimating Systems Integration

There are numerous ways of estimating and job costing (or not).

Paper and Pencil

This is, at least in my mind, the worst way of doing it. That’s true for several reasons.

Even if you’re using forms, like Nebbs, your proposals:

  • Don’t look as professional as you are
  • May have calculation  errors
  • Are probably not as detailed as you need for accurate estimates

In addition, job cost, because of the hassle doing it is probably non-existant.


A much better option is a spreadsheet.

Your proposals probably don’t have calculation errors. I say probably because if the formulas aren’t correct then the calculations will be off.

And, with a little effort, your proposals can look professional. Especially compared to hand written estimates.

When you’re using a spreadsheet you can do job cost and the calculations will be built into the spreadsheet. The major challenge is that you have to manually put the costs into the spreadsheet. This duplicates the effort of writing checks to pay your bills and employees.

Estimating Program Integrated with Accounting

With most estimating programs you’ll have professional looking estimates. In addition, because the calculations are built into the program you shouldn’t find any calculation errors.

Job cost is done while you’re paying your bills and employees. The budgets are created automatically from the estimating program. This eliminates errors and duplication of effort. This will save you hours of work.

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