Accurate Construction Take Offs

It occurred to me that I’ve talked about a lot of different aspects of estimating and really haven’t talked about the second or third most important aspect of construction estimating.

First of all, as I discussed in a previous email using measurable items is the most important thing that needs to be implemented in order to estimate accurately

Second, or third, depending on your perspective, is job cost. If you don’t know what it costs you to do the work, how can you estimate the jobs? I look at it like the old chicken and egg conumdrum.

One aspect I’ve kind of ignored so far is another of the top three construction estimating “gotta do’s”

You must measure everything out. If you don’t have accurate measurements then nothing else will work. You can have ever item measurable, but if the input is wrong you’re shooting in the dark.

I like the example of cutting a board. You would never “eyeball” a cut. Can you imagine eyeballing a space and saying that’s 82 1/2 then picking up a board and cutting by eyeballing it at 82 1/2? You wouldn’t do it.

You get out your tape and measure the space and mark the cut after measuring the board. And many contractors follow the old saying “measure twice, cut once.”

If you wouldn’t cut a board that way, why would you estimate that way. Everything on a job should be measured accurately in order to get an accurate estimate. Without accurate measurements you can never have an accurate estimates.

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Nick Hurd
Litening Software, LLC

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