Basic Estimating for Construction can be a snap

Preparation is key to making basic estimating for construction a less stressful task. When preparing to provide customers with a quote, there are a number of things which can be done to ensure providing customers with estimates which are accurate. The first step in basic estimating is to thoroughly inspect the prospective job site. Drawing a layout of each room which will be part of the construction job is a must – be sure to take down the dimensions of each room as you do so. Doors, electrical jack, windows and anything else in the room should be noted in your layout.

If it is repair work that you are providing an estimate for, then make a note in your layout sketch of exactly where the damage is. Again, be sure to measure the damaged area. You should always have someone double check your measurements when performing basic estimating. Have someone look over the dimensions and locations of fixed elements within the room.

Accurate measurements are essential to any construction job. In many cases, problems with a construction or repair product are due to inaccurate measurements. Your basic estimating should always include a buffer as a contractor’s cost allowance – this will ensure that your total cost will stay close to the price of your estimate. You may have to cost out materials in order to provide an accurate estimate to the customer; work within the bounds of the budget available to make estimates by brand and grade of materials.

For example, it is safe to assume that a high-end bathroom remodeling job will entail an expensive tub, not a low end model. Always include anticipated subcontractor costs in your basic estimating for construction. Make sure all of your subcontractors get their bids in well beforehand, so that these costs can be allowed for in your estimate. You’ll want to gather bids from at least three high quality subcontractors in order to have a selection of bids.

Your basic estimating for construction should also include a standard charge for any change orders which may arise in the course of completing the project. This charge will make your customer think over whether a change order is worth the cost involved, preventing contacting “mission creep”. This also provides you with some compensation for any changes which you may be called to make on a project.

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