Are You Giving Good Remodel Estimates?

Every contractor has been in this position—the remodel of a home, a place of business or even construction jobs on a larger scale. Landing that remodel job depends on your estimating skills and if you aren’t good at that part of your job, you could not only lose the job, but not even be invited to bid on future jobs.

If your remodel estimates are guesstimates of what the materials you need will be, what kind of labor costs you’ll need, and what equipment rental you have to consider, you can bet you will go over the original estimate and usually the customer will not be satisfied. There are ways you can ensure your remodel estimate gets noticed the first time by visiting

This site is for every contractor who is looking for the keys to successfully producing a quality remodel estimate. If your estimates lack certain elements that you forget about because you aren’t’ using the right tools to bid on a job, you won’t be profitable in any aspect of your business. If money is always going out and not coming in perhaps it is the way you are bidding on that remodel job.

What a good estimating software can do for you is identify every aspect of your bid so you get it right the first time. It can include what inventory you’ll need to buy or have, what your labor costs will truly be, and what your bottom line profit will be when you have completed that construction remodel.

If your office is constantly full of notepapers full of bids you eyeballed that didn’t reflect an accurate bid, you will fall short when you’re done with the job—if you even get the job. And people look for contractors just like you! That’s something you may not be aware of, but your reputation might be, “this person’s a good contractor, but he doesn’t have a clue about his bids, so they’ll lowball you to get the job.” If this is you, it’s time to change because there are customers out there who look for contractors who aren’t experienced on the estimating side of their company.

To do this, invest in yourself by visiting to see what your competitors are doing while you’re lagging behind paying bills you can’t afford. If you think you have to be a computer genius to use remodel estimating, think again! This website can insure you will be estimating with ease in no time at all and it will not only be a good, fair, and accurate estimate—you’ll make money on the job.

Let’s face it—contractors, like car mechanics, get a bad rap sometimes. Your customer wants his bathroom remodeled but doesn’t want to pay for your time. That’s part of the industry you’re in, but you can make your life and your customer’s lives much easier if you are providing effective bids that they can afford that don’t include change after change.

Don’t get stuck losing every single remodel job you bid on because you aren’t remodel estimating correctly. Visit today to find out the tricks of the estimating software trade to help you become profitable for the lifetime of your business.

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